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Sonorities at the Soundscape Park Project

Sonorities 2015The Soundscape Park Project will be participating in Sonorities Contemporary Music Festival 22nd – 1st May 2015.

A series of multichannel soundscape works , curated by composer Christopher McCann, will be scheduled to play in the garden throughout the duration of the festival.  The works are listed below and will be on a continuous loop throughout the festival.

Sonorities is Ireland’s premier festival of digital and contemporary music, digital arts, sound art, video and installation art opens in London on 17 April at Goldsmiths University of London. It then returns home to the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University, and various venues around the city of Belfast.  See the website for information about the programmed events (FREE events) www.sonorities.org.uk


Running from 22nd April – 1st May 2015

9:00 LightvesselsDavid Berezan
9:15 Kings Cross – Peter Fretwell
9:30 Ocean Densities – Chris McCann
9:55 Nero metropolitan – Roberto Zanata
10.02 Clearway – Aidan Deery
10:15 The Fall – Sam Salem
11:00 LightvesselsDavid Berezan
11:15 Kings Cross – Peter Fretwell
11:30 Ocean Densities – Chris McCann
11:55 Nero metropolitan – Roberto Zanata
12.02 Clearway – Aidan Deery
12:15 The Fall – Sam Salem
13:00 LightvesselsDavid Berezan
13:15 Kings Cross – Peter Fretwell
13:30 Ocean Densities – Chris McCann
13:55 Nero metropolitan – Roberto Zanata
14.02 Clearway – Aidan Deery
14:15 The Fall – Sam Salem
15:00 LightvesselsDavid Berezan
15:15 Kings Cross – Peter Fretwell
15:30 Ocean Densities – Chris McCann
15:55 Nero metropolitan – Roberto Zanata
16.02 Clearway – Aidan Deery
16:15 The Fall – Sam Salem
16:40 CLOSE