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Interact with Twitter

The Soundscape Park project is as much about technology as it is about sound.  Sensors in the garden will be used to interact with both the visitors and the environment.  So sounds could be triggered when somebody enters the park.  Or when evening arrives and the light starts to fade. Sounds can also be triggered using Twitter.   All the sounds are controlled using complex programmable software specially designed for the gardens.  This software can be programmed to interact with the technology in many different ways.  (See the Technical Info more more information)

more text Use Twitter to play sounds in the garden

Tweet @soundscapepark play followed by one of the sounds listed below  eg @soundscapepark play ships

Amber with phone

Interaction with your smartphone

@soundscapepark play

  • “atmosphere” or “ambience”
  • birds” or “seagulls
  • crickets” or “cricket”
  • “forest” or “meadow”
  • river” or “water” or “sea”
  • ships” or “port” or “horn” 
  • “wasps” or “frogs
  • “kids” or “playing”